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"Originating from the Gamma Quadrant, Skulllizards belong to a race of savage warriors who conquer entire worlds by sending merely one of their kind.
After subduing the planet and its ruling species the Skulllizardfolk are capable of self-reproduction to seize further star systems."

3 3/4" action figure of our original character The SKULLLIZARD.
Completely hand sculpted original from which we made silicone molds to copy the figure.
Made from 7 separate parts of light green(with color shift), silver and brown pigmented resin.
Body parts are connected together with magnets which makes it possible to interchange parts with our other toys,

• 3 3/4" Resin toy action figure collectible
• 5 points of magnetic articulation
• Made from 7 parts of Green color shift, Silver and Brown pigmented resin
• Handpainted details
• Parts interchangeable with our other magnetically articulated toys